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What I learned in Art and Design school about using a new art tool for the first time is to get familiar with it.  Before you start drawing anything at all, spend at least thirty minutes testing it out in terms of the following characteristics: Using our Dual-tip markers as an example:

  • Pressure – What does it do when you apply light to heavy pressure? Is the tip flexible giving you thick to thin lines or stays consistent?  Does it bleed through the paper you’re using? How thick or thin is the line weight depending on the amount of pressure you apply?
  • Speed – What happens when you make a fast or slow stroke? Do you get the dry marker effect?  Sometimes artists want this intentional effect.  Also, does it skip?
  • Angle – What type of line or shape characteristics do you get when you hold the marker in a certain way or rotate as you draw? Are you able to achieve a thick to thin line or produce shapes you desire?

Once familiar, your work will certainly take on a more pro-like quality.  Here are some examples of doing just that:

ex.1 In this example, the fineliner tip works great for doing some cross-hatching.

  1. 2  Using the flexible fiber brush and varying the pressure and angle allows for a thin to thick line progression.

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