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Pro tip for drawing your favorite cartoon characters

Want to draw your favorite characters like the pros do it?  Here’s the secret!

The secret is to break things down to it’s basic shape.  In the classic Mickey Mouse example, Mickey is made up of three basic circles.  The eyes and nose are the same basic oval shape.  Start by constructing these lines lightly with a pencil or fineliner.  Then go back in and shade in the rest.  The Artooli DUAL TIP markers work great for this task because you have both tips in one.

The famous Japanese cartoon character, Doraemon can also be distilled into the basic circles and ovals you see above.  The shape of his body is part of a large oval.  His belly pocket is a half of a circle.

Give it a try!  Google your favorite character and start breaking it down to the basic shapes and you’ll be on your way to drawing like the pros do.  Have fun!

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