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For optimal performance, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. SHAKE : With cap on, shake well to mix paint and to ensure opaque coverage.
  • 2. BURP : With pen upright(tip facing up), press tip once to release air from pen.
  • 3. PRIME : Press tip down several times on a soft surface until paint starts to flow.
  • 4. TEST : Try on paper before use.
  • 5. CAP : Recap after use and store pens on it’s side.
For Best Results


Our glitter ink is a PIGMENT BASED INK and not the acrylic based one you find in our other pens. Therefore, they have the tendency to bleed on certain rock/surfaces if the recommendations above are not followed.
Please give it a try. Have a wonderful time with the glitters!


BURPING PENS: The excess pressure in the pen chambers must be released before use(especially in higher elevation). Paint will splatter or leak if this step is not taken to ensure proper function.

1. Turn pen upside down(tip facing up) and pump pen tip 2-3 times to release pressure in pen chamber.

2. Turn back around and pump several times on test paper until paint starts to flow.

CLOGGED TIPS: If the caps are left off for too long, tips may clog up. When this happens, swirl the tip in hot water for 20-30 seconds and this will get the paint flowing again. Please see video below:

DAMAGED NIBS: If the nibs are damaged or the paint won’t flow after trying the hot water fix mentioned above, they can simply be replaced with the extras provided in the box. Simply turn tip upside down, pull out the old nib and replace with new nib. Gloves are recommended but not necessary. Please see video below:

SPLATTERING: This may happen if there’s excess pressure inside the pen. See BURPING PENS.

SKIPPING: Skipping can happen when drawing on a porous or rough surface. Try leaning the pen into the direction of the stroke when drawing.

MIXING BALL STUCK INSIDE: With cap on, tap pen on hard surface several times to get ball to loosen and move inside pen again.  This will ensure an opaque paint coverage.  Please see video below:

NOTHING’S WORKING: Email us at or through our Facebook page at and we will respond within 24 hours.

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